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Real Estate Investor Shares Secrets Of Success

Dani Beit-Or has a story to tell – and he’s willing to share with interested people. It’s a story about success; about having a dream, working for it and making that dream a reality. You see, Beit-Or really believes in what he’s doing, and he’s willing to share his secrets of success with anyone who wants to embrace his ideas.Read More . . .

The Dirty 30: Buying your first property from overseas

Dani Beit-Or is a speaker and coach for Simply Do It Real Estate Investments. He was living in Tel Aviv, Israel when he bought his first real estate investment in the US. Even though he bought the property sight unseen, it was still a better investment option than many others that were available at the time. People used to call him crazy for getting into real estate, but now, they call him for advice.Read More . . .

Investing Clubs – Silicon Valley Real Estate Investment Group

 Founded by Dani Beit-Or, the Silicon Valley Real Estate Investing Group brings together anyone interested in creating cash flow and wealth through real estate. After attending other groups that only focused on promoting their own businesses, Dani decided to create his own club where members could come to gain quality information about investing in real estate.Read More . . .  

Educational Videos

1. How To Get Started

2. Meet Dani Beit Or Simply Do It’s Founder & CEO

3. Where to Buy Investment Properties

4. The Importance of Building Your Strategy – A Session with Simply Do It

5. What Makes Single Family Home Such a Great Investment

7. Who Rents Our Houses

8. About Simply Do It’s Services and Support Provided to Investors

9. Will it Rent and What “Drama” Should I Expect

10. My Past Mistakes As A Real Estate Investor

11. Misconceptions About Investing Out Of State

12. Do You Have a Plan to Get Out of the Rat Race

13. The True Power of USA Mortgages and Use of Leverage

14. Best Selling Author Robert Shemin talks about Dani Beit-Or & Simply Do It